About Us

InkRoar was founded with one goal in mind: Help tattoo artists display their amazing work, connect them with people looking for their talents, and help them manage their clientele.

We know the struggle of the limited medium to post your work as a tattoo artist, and the struggle that goes along with trying to book. We wanted to help alleviate this struggle and create an all-inclusive and simple to use platform that would allow artists to easily connect with their clientele.

We also know the struggle of trying to get a tattoo. The struggle of finding a reputable artist in your area is tough. Especially if you don't know anyone who can refer you. We want to make it easy for you to find a style you will fall in love with, search tattoo artists in your area, see their work, and read reviews from others in your community. We’ve even made it as easy as clicking a button to book an appointment with that perfect artist.

We created this platform for you, and for the industry as a whole. We want to make it a more seamless process for everyone involved. Help us bring the tattoo industry into the 21st century.